Electric pizza oven Express Naples

Item number14

NAPOLI PIZZA EXPRESS electric pizza oven, designed and constructed with a cooking surface in pure refractory stone, 31 cm diameter to get the result to cook homemade pizza with the same stone of wood-burning oven. It cooks in just five minutes any kind of pizza, calzone etc.. It does not smoke nor odors. It equipped with thermostat for temperature regulation, stainless steel inner shell, light, practical wooden tray for placing the pizza. The oven pizza Express Naples is not only for pizzas, it can cook "express" any other meal like pies, meat, toast, etc ... (making sure to use an aluminum tray to prevent the baking stone is dirty. It 's fast and compact, baking a pizza in 5 minutes and a frozen pizza in three minutes leading to significant energy savings compared to traditional ovens. produced entirely in Italy. Power 1200 W product dimensions: 31.5x37.5x25 cm Weight: 5:50 kg

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