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Do you want to try to cook tigelle, borlenghi or piadine !! .... Here are our recipes!

All recipes are the true culinary tradition !!!



TIGELLE CLASSIC RECIPES: Ingredients: 1Kg of flour 0 15 salt (1 teaspoon) 5 cl of oil 0.5 milk 50 g of yeast (2 cubes) Dose for 21 tigels around Pour into a container of kg 1 flour type 0, 15 g of salt (one spoon), 5 cl of oil. Heat slightly 0.5 L of milk and let it dissolve 50 g of beer yeast (2 cubes). Pour the milk with the yeast into the container with the other ingredients and mix everything. Try to get a pasta of medium hardness (avoid being too tender). Allow the dough to ...


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