Aluminum Cotte for ciacci and borlenghi

Aluminum cooktop for foodstuffs for cakes, cakes or dumplings. Available in various diameters and with no anti-stick. Aluminum cooktops are suitable for the preparation of borlenghi or ciacci. Borlengo, burlengo or zampanella is a very thin and crunchy crêpes made from an extremely simple liquid mix (a typical poor food) based on water (or milk), flour, salt and sometimes also eggs. Dough is said glue. The traditional filling, called the cunza, consists of a beat of lard, garlic and rosemary, as well as a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano. The borlengo uses very hot and folded into four parts. The cooked ones are heated on a regular cooker and are traditionally fed with ham or half-potato greased with seed oil. Once the temperature is reached, the dough (glue) is poured onto one of the two cooks which are then placed over each other. The borlengo remains crushed in the middle for the cooking time and the cooks are overturned several times to get a uniform cooking.
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