BBQ gas stove galvanized Universal 2 burners

Item number51

BBQ, gas stove 2 burners galvanized height adjustable in cooktops removable. Great for private, restaurants, fairs and festivals. The stove is removable and is like having, wherever you want, an industrial kitchen and multifunctional. You can cook grilled meats, vegetables, soups, borlenghi, fried dumplings, tigelle, chestnuts, etc. Included accessories:

2 grids galvanized supports pans dim 50x50 cm;

n. 2 floors antiderenti dim 50x50 cm;

n. 2 grids non-stick dim 50x50 cm;

n. 1 stainless steel tank for frying;

n. 2 lava stones with iron frame.

Euro 2,387.34
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